Kelly Beef

“grass-fed goodness…”

Our natural grass-fed beef is grown locally by our family for your family.

Kelly Beef® is a family-owned and operated grass-fed beef operation which raises 100% natural, free range, grass-fed beef. Our calves are bred and born on the La Cienega Ranch located in the pristine environment of the Hualapai Mountains in western Arizona. Our cattle browse on the naturally occurring grasses and plants thriving in a carefully-managed, healthy ecosystem.
Once the calves are weaned, the cattle are transported to the lush grasslands of the Arrow-T Cattle Company in central Arizona where they grow to a processing weight. We emphasize the low stress handling of our calves and our highest priority is the health of our animals. We never use grain supplements, corn, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides or synthetic hormones in feeding our cattle. Our beef is inspected and certified by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.